Elissa Medical Clinic is a Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC). Our doctors treat acute health conditions, manage chronic illnesses, and offer preventive healthcare services. We also have a medical aesthetics practice for treating saggy skin, pigments, acne, and fat removal.

Download the eHealthAssist app now to shorten your waiting time at the clinic by joining the E-Queue. You can also save a trip to the clinic by accessing the Tele-Medicine function on the app to consult a doctor through your mobile phone and obtain your eMC. Click here for more information.

For further enquiries, please call +65 6312 2632 or email: info@elissamedical.com.sg.

For medical aesthetics, please call +65 8809 7896 or email: aesthetics@elissamedical.com.sg.

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Our Medical Schemes

We welcome members of the following programmes:

  1. Baby Bonus Programme – this covers consultations, vaccinations and medications
  2. Chronic Diseases Management Programme – Utilise your Medisave for management of your chronic illness.
  3. Community Health Assist Scheme – Eligible for patients receive subsidised treatment for both acute and chronic illness
  4. Insurance and Managed Healthcare Schemes

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