Medical Services

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Medical Aesthetics

Firm and shape your face, solve beauty woes with aesthetics-trained doctor.

Weight Management

We utilise a variety of medical methods to ensure you reach your target weight.

Fat Removal

Non-surgical, no downtime removal of stubborn, body fat with CoolSculpting.

Medical Consultation

Our clinic provides continuity of care for a wide variety of ailments across all age groups.

Medical Examinations

Medical examination for insurance, employment, and regulatory requirements.


Our wellness services help you achieve the best state of health to meet life’s challenges.

Health Screening

Helps detect chronic illnesses early and minimises complications. We screen for the following chronic illnesses:

• Colon • Liver • Ovary • Prostate • Nose • Blood • Pancreas • Cervix (womb) • Thyroid gland • Stomach • High Cholesterol • High Blood Pressure • Diabetes • Heart disease • Stroke • Kidney failure • Osteoporosis • Obstructive sleep apnoea • Thyroid over or underactivity

Men and Women’s Health

Treats health issues like sexual dysfunction, hair loss, and prevention of cervical cancer.

Baby and Child Health

Protect your child from illness through essential vaccinations over their early years.

Vaccinations and Travel Health

Travel safe and strengthen your immunization with the right vaccines.